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It is our top priority to provide excellent service. This means, not only proper functioning of our products but prioritizing the safety of the patient and the user. Therefore, our services are carried out exclusively by personnel trained by Barkey.

Whether it is an annual technical safety inspection (TSI), a repair or replacement of spare parts, we are your primary contact for maintenance and service work on your Barkey products.

Services Cell & Gene

Installation Qualification

Provides documented evidence and verification of delivery and installation in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Operational Qualification

A documented verification is provided about the proper functioning of the equipment. It verifies the functionality of the device meets manufacturer's operating specifications.

Performance Qualification

A documented verification guarantees that the instrument is operating effectively and consistently within performance specifications.

This Barkey-specific PQ is sometimes referred to as IPV or Instrument Performance Verification. The Barkey-specific PQ verifies that the instrument can operate effectively and consistently by Barkey's standardized test products.

Preventive Maintenance

We provide a documented verification that the device continues to function as specified by the manufacturer. Typically performed annually after completion of an initial IQ, OQ, PQ, or IPV, or as required by the user's SOP.

Hospital & Blood Bank Services

Technical Safety Inspection

The technical safety inspection (TSI) should be performed once a year according to the manufacturer's protocol. During the TSI, the unit is checked for visible damage and the ventilation is serviced, along with a check of the temperature, water tank level, and functionality of the protective sensors.

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With us, you get the full range of services: annually scheduled safety checks (TSI and PM) for the Hospital & Blood Bank business line, installation services (IQ, OQ, PQ,) for the Cell & Gene business line, and maintenance and repairs. Just get in touch with us!

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