Dry heating

To ensure the integrity of products such as blood and FFP or cell culture media, it is worth minimizing any source of risk for damage or contamination. Therefore, all Barkey products rely on dry heating processes.


No direct contact with water

Safe processes

Multiple security mechanisms and data documentation


No heat accumulation and even heating

Off the water baths

We follow a streamlined approach in order to simplify your processes. Products such as the Barkey varitherm or the Barkey plasmatherm Cell & Gene are suitable for all types of samples (bags, vials, bottles). The flexible, water-filled heating cushions conform tightly to samples in all plasmatherm variants and the varitherm. This allows the use of heat exchange through water, but also provides full contamination control as there is no direct contact with water.

The heating chamber of the Barkey plasmatherm

The Barkey plasmatherm (including all plasmatherm variants and the varitherm) makes use of the optimal heat transfer of water without exposing the samples directly to water. The heating chamber contains two water-filled heating cushions in which the water circulates continuously. The water is in a closed circuit chamber which allows for use one year without being changed.


A regular wipe disinfection is sufficient for the heating chamber. The frequency depends on use and product. The water remains hygienic for up to one year with the help of water treatment tablets.


Specimen bags are placed between two heating cushions to thaw and heat. The continuously circulating water and heating cushions, as well as paddle agitation, ensures uniform heat transfer. As a result, the thawing is uniform and there are no hot spots.


Standardized thawing at Barkey always means consistent and customizable thawing. Our programs are fully customizable for time, temperature and paddle movement to fit your specifications.

Safety mechanisms

To ensure safety during thawing, several safety mechanisms are implemented in the plasmatherm. First, the transparent lid allows you to keep a constant eye on the products. Two, in the event of contact with moisture, leakage sensors are immediately triggered by an acoustic and visual alarm. Finally, the Barkey dry-paper can immediately absorb leakage should it occur.


Hospital & Blood bank

Thawing and warming products for hospital & blood bank

Product overview

Cell & Gene

Our products for Cell & Gene therapy: Barkey plasmatherm C&G, Barkey varitherm, Barkey vialguard.

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