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Barkey S-line C&G

Reliable Fluid Path Warmer

The Barkey S-line C&G warms fluids and is used in laboratories and manufacturing sites.

Easy Operation

One preset temperature. No settings or consumables are needed.


Alerts user with a visual and acoustic alarm in the event of an error.


Certified as a lab device, the S-line C&G is suitable for laboratory applications.

Barkey S-line C&G: fluid path feeder

Warms fluids like cell culture media as well as blood and cellular products used in laboratories and manufacturing. A safe and reliable system which helps support the warming of cellular products through all steps of tech transfer.
The Barkey S-line C&G is applicable for C&G Research & Development up to the point of manufacturing.


• Integrated temperate sensors
• Overtemperature alarms
• Smooth surfaces allow for easy
disinfecting procedures
• Provides operational safety feature due
to preset target temperature value

Specifications Barkey S-line C&G


Barkey S-line C&G

Power supply

100-2400 V 50/60 Hz

Set temperature

+39 °C

Weight without filling

1.3 kg



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