New – Barkey plasmatherm C&G

The Barkey plasmatherm C&G is the standard choice for dry thawing of blood products, cryopreserved products or infusions: even, reproducible, time- and temperature-controlled


Barkey varitherm

The Barkey varitherm is a dry thawing device for heat-inactivation of serum. Consistent, replicable and GMP conform.


Cell therapy is one of the fastest-growing segments in life-science. Immunotherapy approaches based on CAR-T technology are very promising to fight cancer and other diseases while activating the patients own immune system. Barkey devices provide a reliable solution to thaw cells during the entire process from collection to administration to patient (both autologous and allogenic).

Barkey products are reliable and dry thawing devices for gently thawing cells in the cryochain.
Since Barkey devcies are dry thawing devices, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced compared to open water baths.

Devices – and thus process data – can be recorded electronically during the manufacturing process using the “Barkey Logging Tool TCP” software.

The Barkey plasmatherm complies to the following

  • GMP
  • US FDA 510 (k) cleared
  • EN ISO 13485: 2016